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Seeking new challenges


I am seeking new challenges, primarily permanent employment, but also interim roles.

Allegedly, 8 of 10 vacancies are filled through search or networking, not through open process. Networking is everything. Hence, referrals and “name-dropping” is an important element in my search – regardless of open vacancies or not.


You or someone in your network (or a 3rd party you know of) may know of an organisation looking to fill a permanent or interim role matching my background, competency, leadership experience or professional expertise. In longstanding companies, start-ups or recent acquisition, small or big. You may know of an organisation with plans to expand, undergo a transformation or to acquire a company. 

Successful team leader and business owne

In your network, you (or someone else) may have an acquaintance, colleague, recruiter, consultant, company broker, someone in the 'catapult'/accelerator/incubator environment or in the PE business I may approach, if only for a chat. Hopefully someone who could provide further leads.

The options are infinite and any lead, advice or referral is highly appreciated. 


The below subjects area are indicative, not exhaustive.


How do I stand out?

How to choose a leader from the crowd of

In addition to what you can read about my background – I dare say there are a few key words that differentiates from the many:

  • Strong business acumen and perspective

  • Broad international HR commercial (strategic & operational) experience, focusing on HR essentials

  • Broad experience from organisational, leadership and competence development

  • Broad experience from transformation and building organisations

  • Broad international managerial experience, leading teams and influencing managers

  • Broad experience with complex knowledge-driven and multicultural/cross-border organisations

  • Open-minded, direct, challenging, confident, honest, integrity, loyal, trustworthy

  • Good at building relations (including Works Councils, unions and employee reps.).

Type of organisation


The entirety of my career has been about transforming, restructuring and building organisations. 


I am looking for new challenges in an assertive and progressive business culture. Business growth focused, with a propensity for getting things done and building capability. For me the prerequisite is all about the aptitude, attitude, standards/values and type of challenge.

The organisation may come in any shape, size, market domination, level of technologically competence, well-established, longstanding and how developed the organisation structure is or what type of ownership. It is the 'opportunities' that I am seeking (not certain companies or industries).

Type of role


HR is what I am passionate about and where I thrive. Especially in exciting times like now. Never before have capabilities, skills and abilities been more important for any organisation to succeed and to deliver the strategy. Competence/capability development and staff retention is more important than ever.

This is what I am good at, where I have broad experience, and would like to continue doing. Hence, I will direct my focus towards opportunities I consider most relevant to my experience;

  • HR leadership roles (HR Leader, HR Manager, HR Director etc.) – strong business focus, I have been in functional HR leadership roles on a senior manager level, broad local and international commercial (strategic and operational) HR experience

Businessmen are discussing business anal
  • General management roles (e.g. General Manager, Finance & Admin Manager) – as I have been in multi-discipline leadership roles (HR, Finance & Admin, Quality, HSE/ OHS, events, media contact, sponsoring)

  • Leadership roles in general – as I have been in senior local and international leadership roles for 25 years with broad cross-border experience.

Sector and line of business


I am primarily searching within the private sector, but not ruling out public sector.


Crossover between lines of business or industries should not be an issue as long as you are an expert within your business discipline, and are able to learn the ropes of the industry.



Although, 'inner motivation' is the main driver, man does not live of air alone. The remuneration of any position should reflect the challenges, scope of work, company size, nos. of direct reports, responsibility, expectations and so forth. Outside assumptions (on my behalf) should not be a show stopper.

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