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I am seeking new challenges, primarily permanent employment, but also interim roles.

Allegedly, 8 of 10 permanent vacancies and most temporary assignments are filled through search or networking, not through open process. Networking is everything. Hence, “name-dropping” is an important element in my search – regardless of open vacancies or not.


You or someone in your network (or a 3rd party you know of) may know of an organisation looking to fill a permanent or interim role matching my background, competency, leadership experience or professional expertise. In longstanding companies, start-ups or recent acquisition, small or big. You may know of an organisation with plans to expand, undergo a transformation or to acquire a company. 

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Computer key showing the word REFERRALS.

In your network, you (or someone else) may have an acquaintance, colleague, recruiter, consultant, company broker, someone in the 'catapult'/accelerator/incubator environment or in the PE business I may approach, if only for a chat. Hopefully someone who could provide further leads.

The options are infinite and any lead, advice or referral is highly appreciated. 

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